Monday, October 25, 2010

CT diary #4: kalk bay

My fourth day in Cape Town - Kalk Bay. Enough said.

olympia cafe (below: organic ice-tea)

i bought onesmallseed here since it features some people i know
congrats to kevin goss-ross & xavier vahed for the inside cover photo:)

i love the stamp idea.
a seal..
showing off..
 and staring at the strange lady with the camera.


  1. your blog is very cute and pretty - well done
    :) nice to see other SA bloggers out there with good tatse

    Betty Bake Blog
    aka Bernice

  2. thank you so much bernice!
    i really appreciate that:)

  3. Hi Julie

    A request to use your photo of the KB Books bag on my blog: The post is about a monthly event I host there. Your work is lovely


  4. Hi Helen,

    Thanks so much:)
    I'm happy for you to use the pic - if you don't mind just linking it to my blog somehow that would be great!