Thursday, December 9, 2010

CT diary #10: antiques & slow food

On my last Friday night I stayed with friends Sean KellandJenna-lea Kelland at their gorgeous house in Somerset West. They actually laughed at me, because I was so fascinated by their decor.. the place is just filled with antiques, second hand finds + all things vintage. Which I love. I spent ages just walking around staring. The wallpaper on the doors, and the stunning Victorian-type baths were what sold it for them - the rest they added afterwards.

jenna-lea bakes but she also cooks:)

The next morning Jen took me to some boot sales, then we took a drive to Stellenbosch, to the Slow Food Market, which was packed since there had just been a big bike race. We ate outside, overlooking the vineyards & the mountains. South Africa has it all.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CT diary #9: signal hill

On the Friday morning of my trip, some friends and I went for breakfast at Signal Hill. My last visit there had been in the evening, accompanied by gale force winds - so it was great to see the view during the day this time, with far less hair-blowing. I wore a hat anyway, as a precautionary measure.

 please note precautionary hat.
yo, dawg.
 robben island

we chose orange juice over coffee. i know right.
 the stadium ooh aah..
about one fifth of the view..
 happy tourists
 more of the view
i heart cape town.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CT diary #8: hospice

Hospice Charity Shop: the only place in the country where you can buy a really rad skirt for only R15. My friend is a fashion designer - making fantastic fashion finds is part of her job, so she took me to her favourite Hospice in Cape Town, and after being shown a lot of weird & wonderful clothes, we both emerged with some great stuff (spending less than R50 each).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CT diary #7: V&A waterfront

On the Thursday morning of my trip, I took my friend's car and drove to the waterfront on my ace with the GPS. I spent the morning walking around, and then got hugely sidetracked by the massive Musica. Eventually I was in great need of caffeine, and I really needed to catch up on some comms; (using my Blackberry - don't be a hater, they are awesome;) so I sat down and ordered a small & very expensive (but delicious) cappuccino.

my very small & expensive (but delicious) cappuccino.

Monday, November 15, 2010

CT diary #6: a milnerton sunset

After Cocoa Wah Wah (see previous post) some friends and I set out for Milnerton, where we were treated to supper at a beach apartment overlooking the sea. We arrived at sunset.. and the view was just magnificent.

car-shot taken on the way..
the sun starting to set
weird mirror-shot..
 everyone wanted in on the weird mirror-shot..