Tuesday, September 28, 2010

prime circle poster

I was privileged to have been asked to design a poster for Prime Circle's album launch show in Pietermaritzburg. They are one of South Africa's most popular bands, and have made their name internationally as well.

You can check out more about the band on their website: http://www.primecircle.co.za 

Apparently there are also A5 leaflets:)
My mom found these in Park Lane Spar.. 
{She's the best, by the way.}

Thursday, September 23, 2010

hilton arts festival

Last weekend was the annual Hilton Arts Festival held at Hilton College. It's always fun to check it out.. although this year was the first time I watched a show as well. Tree Boy was a beautiful production and I was very impressed with the stage aesthetics. After the show we bought some lunch, walked around the stalls, then caught an amazing jazz performance by some of the top musicians in the country. All in all - a perfect day.

I made some friends who were peeping under the tent after the jazz show;)

Donovan (above) & Matthew (below) our cell group babies

Monday, September 20, 2010

david phipson {album cover}

In one of my earlier posts I featured the David Phipson band shoot, which served as a starting point for the cd cover design. Last Friday night the band had their album launch, and it went fantastically well. The cover was printed & packaged in Cape Town at Hybrid Media: http://www.hybridmedia-solutions.co.za

I was very impressed with their printing. Printing can make or break a design, and it's the cause of 90% of artwork issues! In this case there were no issues, and Hybrid Media now have one more loyal customer to add to their list (that would be me).

Click on the photo for a larger version:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

polkadots, pudding & a picnic

The next week after Teekay's 21st, was Megan's 21st. (2010 - Year of the 21sts;) Her party was called Open Happiness - and the theme was: dress like Megan. This was, of course, loads of fun as Meg is not a conventional dresser.. and she loves scarves & bright colours. It was a lovely outdoor event, held in a garden on the grass. Also, there was a lot.. a LOT.. of food.

this is Megan :)

ps. this is my blackberry. i love it.