Friday, May 13, 2011

andrew & dee {part one}

This wedding was held in Mooi River in April - it poured with rain the entire day, (usually a photographer's nightmare) and because of this I really learnt a lot from both the experience and the people involved. After the ceremony, the bridal party and I set off to do outdoor photos (a post-shoot was impossible as the couple were leaving for Thailand after honeymoon) and everyone's attitude was fantastic! The driving rain and cold were almost totally disregarded - we had loads of fun, and at the end the bride and groom discarded their umbrellas entirely. I was blessed to have been a part of this day, and I hope the photos give you a glimpse into what a lovely experience it was. A huge thanks to the couple and bridal party for being such amazing sports. Thanks also to Brittany Tuhi - this was the first wedding she assisted me on, and she did a perfect job:) Enjoy the pics! { part two to follow.. }

click HERE for { part two }

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