Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CT diary #11: heartwood

So it's been a while since I've posted anything.. I've been involved in a New Year's festival - ARISEFEST, which has kept me busy for over a month:) I'll definitely be posting some pics of the event soon.. it was a truly amazing time. Here's a sneak peak:

On my last full day in Cape Town I was treated to a Christmas Fair at Groot Constantia. The first stall that attracted my eye was Heartwood (tree gifting). Being a graphic designer I was mesmerized by the beautiful logo and packaging;) I started chatting to the owner, and found out more about the concept behind Tree Gifting.

"Heartwood was created with the idea that small things count. The gifts we give each other shouldn't be instantly forgettable (another gift voucher), or temporary (like flowers). Instead they should be sustainable symbols: good for giver, receiver, and the environment. Better than a diamond, a tree really is forever - growing, living, greening." 
{taken from the Heartwood website}

Heartwood does corporate gifting for conferences - you can give them at weddings, or just as a birthday present. You can choose your own tree, and they even come with optional wooden accessories - hearts and stars, chameleons, butterflies and ladybugs.. I love this idea of giving something that gives back, and improves the environment rather than adds to it's destruction.

Then of course I am a huge fan of the branding, the logo, and the website: 
check it out - it's really lovely:)

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