Monday, February 11, 2013

ross & danielle

Blog readers - I have been so scarce lately, but I promise to post more this year ;) Although I'm giving up shooting weddings, I am certainly not giving up my love for photography. So there will still be photos from me, as long as I have a camera.

This is a bittersweet post: my last wedding for a long while, perhaps ever.. and what a wedding it was. Ross and Dan are just so fantastic. The day was chilled, fun and full of laughs. I was so thankful to end my season of weddings, with this one. The decor, and the whole feel of the day was also the perfect blend of the couple's personality's - fun, classy and humorous :) I loved all the little details - which I'm sure you'll notice in the photos.. enjoy!

* Ross & Dan, thank you for being extremely patient in waiting for your pics, I so appreciate it.

Thanks to all my friends, family and even strangers / other photographers; who believed in me and encouraged me over the years. Thank you to Britt - the best assistant I could ask for! All the couples who trusted me with their day - you have each blessed me more than you know. Even though photography has never been my full time job, and shooting  weddings has meant many late week nights editing, and weekends cooped up in my room with my computer.. I've still loved it. Who knows what the future holds.. but I know it definitely has me holding a camera in it somewhere ;)

God bless and thank you for reading,